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Abstract: Human capital provides organizations the ability and readiness for adaption to turbulent changes in the business environment. Human resources are the only active and creative part of work process. For this reason, the strategy of human resources development is one of the most important segments of the strategy of organization development. Organizations can improve their business performance by developing analytical systems. Using the analytical systems, organizations are able to continuously measure and assess its performance, take corrective actions and provide stabile position in today's competitive environment. The system should enable easy and efficient monitoring and analysis of data. Comparing planned values with actual achievements of management, organizations can identify critical points in terms of achieving the goals. This paper will present a theoretical and methodological foundation of human resource management, and describe developed OLAP analytical solution for human resource management performance measurement and evaluation.

242. Approach to Multidimensional Data Modeling in BI Technology

ICIST 2014 Proceedings Part II, 416-421
Lukić Jelena
Abstract: This paper focuses on the data modeling part of a Business Intelligence system. The proposed approach for multidimensional data modeling aims to provide background information techniques used to design InfoCubes, the multidimensional structure within Business Intelligence and to introduce a common scenario of the integrated platform. Within a Business Intelligence initiative, monitoring is possible by attaching the key performance indicators to the Online Analytical Processing cube. Therefore, a minimal set of key performance indicators are proposed. The proposed approach is used to develop the pilot project of Business Intelligence solution in Public Enterprise “Elektromreža Srbije“. Results have shown that this approach can offer several benefits, the most important of which is that no data other than keys is stored in dimension tables. Finally, we conclude the paper with some suggestions for future work.

243. An Educational Application Comprising Speech Technologies for Serbian Adapted to Visually Impaired Children - anMasterMind

ICIST 2014 Proceedings Part II, 422-427
Ostrogonac Stevan, Vujnović Sedlar Nataša, Popović Branislav, Sečujski Milan, Pekar Darko
Abstract: This paper presents a computer application based on speech technologies for the Serbian language, which has been adapted to persons with disabilities and is especially intended for the purpose of education of blind or partially sighted children. There are many different approaches to education of visually impaired pupils. However, languagedependent educational tools are still very rare for most languages. The computer application anMasterMind represents the first educational game adapted to visually impaired persons which comprises both automatic speech recognition (ASR) and text-to-speech (TTS) technology for Serbian. Therefore, it can be used without any physical contact with the computer. This feature makes the application useful for people affected by other types of disability in addition to sight impairment. This paper describes anMasterMind in detail and gives a report on the first research conducted with blind children with regard to their acceptance of this type of educational approach. The first results are very promising and serve as motivation for further research and development of similar educational tools.

244. Mining Location in Geographic Information Systems using Neural Network

ICIST 2014 Proceedings Part II, 428-431
Jovanović Željko, Blagojević Marija, Urošević Vlade
Abstract: This paper presents example of open source GIS client-server system realization and proposed mining model for extracting useful information.


ICIST 2014 Proceedings Part II, 432-437
Lukić Milan, Sladić Goran, Gostojić Stevan, Milosavljević Branko, Konjović Zora
Abstract: A location-based service (LBS) is a platform that provides information services based on current or known location, supported by the digital map platform. Most smartphones obtain location using Global Positioning System (GPS), cellular network or wireless network. In this paper we present the system for locating and tracking Android devices. It enables one person to track another and to receive notification when the tracked user leaves defined area.

246. Software provided waste management sustainability assessment

ICIST 2014 Proceedings Part II, 438-443
Stefanović Gordana, Dassisti Michele, Milutinović Biljana
Abstract: Principles of sustainable development are currently an integral part of any advanced way of thinking either in the development of society in general, the development of an economy or an engineering practice. The problem lies in the complexity of such a mindset. In order for a system to be sustainable it must be at least economically justified, not to have a negative impact on the environment and to be acceptable to the society. In addition, very often, it is necessary to consider the political consequences of certain phenomena, technological solutions, and other aspects. The development of software solutions that offer the possibility of including a lot of parameters (indicators) and their analysis are of crucial importance. This paper presents the principle of a software package application that provides the possibility of comparing the sustainability of certain methods of waste management on the territory of the local community. For this purpose three scenarios were taken into consideration: basic as usual, aerobic process and anaerobic process, together with the relevant pretreatment. For the assessment of their sustainability, economic, environmental and social indicators were taken into account. The procedure of multicriteria analysis using the AHP method and pair-wise criteria, performed with the Expert Choice 11 software, was used. The results obtained by using the AHP method and a sensitivity analysis showed that, according to the selected indicators, it is possible to rank the scenarios and choose the best sustainable waste management scenario (the scenario which involves resource recovery through recycling inorganic waste and composting organic waste ).

247. A Method for Web Content Semantic Analysis: the case of Manufacturing Systems

ICIST 2014 Proceedings Part II, 444-449
Grubić Goran, Milutinović Miloš, Ratković Živanović Vanjica, Bogdanović Zorica, Despotović-Zrakić Marijana
Abstract: This paper discusses a method for web content classification and semantic processing applied in a Web Business Intelligence model for production systems. The goal of the research was to formally describe the method, its procedures, and applicable ontologies. During the evaluation of the related research, a set of appropriate procedures were selected and adapted for the context of this research. Neural networks were trained using expertenhanced datasets in order to solve a number of classification problems. Domain knowledge was described in a semantic Lexicon, used by the model to extract semantic Profiles. Applied ontologies were formally described and an evaluation framework was proposed based on real-life data.

248. An Overview of Selected Visual M2M Transformation Languages

ICIST 2014 Proceedings Part II, 450-455
Dimitrieski Vladimir, Luković Ivan, Aleksić Slavica, Čeliković Milan, Milosavljević Gordana
Abstract: Although many model transformation languages currently exist, only a small number of them has a visual concrete syntax. As a good visual syntax usually allows better communication of ideas and easier understanding of specifications than textual syntax, we feel that visual transformation languages are unjustifiably neglected. In this paper we give an overview of most popular visual model transformation languages: AGG, AToM3, VMTS, Henshin, and QVT.
Abstract: This paper presents an authentic approach and pilot model for integrating the theoretic knowledge and practical experiences for Digital Business Ecosystems and management procedures for analysis, evaluation and redesign of business processes, including issues of collaborative planning. This model integrates conceptual framework for the interoperability requirements using a comparative е-business charts based on calculations of ebusiness factor, procedures for management and evaluation of business processes involved in the DBE, including costbenefit analyses.

250. Physical Medicine Devices with Centralized Management over Computer Network

ICIST 2014 Proceedings Part II, 462-467
Ćirić Vladimir M., Simić Vladimir, Tokić Teufik, Milentijević Ivan, Vojinović Oliver
Abstract: Physical therapy cabinets are provided with various devices which shorten the time needed for patients’ recovery and healing. These are the devices which use diadynamic currents, interferential currents, ultrasound waves, vacum impulses, pulsed electromagnetic fields, etc. The aim of this paper is to develop a new generation of devices for physical medicine, based on the existing products of Elektromedicina company, with key feature that allows the devices to become a networked modules in the centralized system for physical therapy. Both local and remote aspects of setting the treatment parameters on the devices, as well as the monitoring of treatment progress on the centralized control station will be implemented. This paper addresses the system’s architecture, network communication protocol, and user interfaces both for devices and centralized server console. The application layer protocol for communication of control station and physical therapy devices is developed. The proposed protocol provides plug-and-play capability of physical therapy devices by handling devices discovery. The initial implementation proved that the networked physical therapy devices can respond to all requests in a timely manner.

251. Conceptual Model of External Fixators for Fractures of the Long Bones

ICIST 2014 Proceedings Part II, 468-472
Pavlović Dragan, Veselinović Marko, Zdravković Milan, Trajanović Miroslav, Mitković Milan
Abstract: Efficiency and effectiveness of a surgery for bone fractures can be achieved by making the proper decisions in a short period of time, based on complete and updated information on the status, type of fracture and the type of fixators used for a particular fracture. This way, the risk of possible complications, caused by the late intervention can be reduced. Application of ontologies contributes to achieving this goal. This paper presents the development of a conceptual model of external fixators used for fractures of long bones. This conceptual model is represented by the ontological framework in which the product ontology is mapped with the ontologies of bones and fractures. In this paper, we present only the process in which the product ontology is extended to describe the two types of the external fixators, namely: external skeletal fixator "Mitković" and hybrid external fixator.
Abstract: Enterprise integration is a complex problem. However, it is not often considered in that way. Complexity of the integration has to be understood. The Cynefin framework could be used as scaffolding for making sense of enterprise integration. In this paper, it is considered how the Cynefin dynamics could be used for understanding possible and desirable approaches to solving the problem of enterprise integration complexity.

253. Information System for Dam Safety Management

ICIST 2014 Proceedings Part I, 56-60
Milivojević Nikola, Grujović Nenad, Divac Dejan, Milivojević Vladimir, Martać Rastko
Abstract: Dams must be permanently maintained in a proper way because of extremely grave consequences that may occur in case of a failure. Maintenance refers to monitoring the condition of a dam and its belonging facilities, that is to identification and undertaking of all necessary measures for ensuring safety and functionality of the facilities in a timely manner. Maintenance involves various factors concerning the facilities as structures: natural factors, environmental factors and human activities. With such complex issues, the question of optimality and use of available resources arises. This paper presents an information system for the support of implementation of regulatory frameworks for the safety of dams, which serves to improve the maintenance system, safety and functionality of the existing dams and provide the protection of local communities. An integrated approach to all aspects of dam maintenance is essential for solving this issue. The development of the system involves comprehension of measurable indicators that are relevant for the decisionmaking process, modernization and extension of the system for monitoring relevant values and development of physically-based mathematical models with the aim of analysing and predicting of dam behaviour. The system is developed and implemented on Prvonek dam (a 90 m rockfill, water supply, latest facility of this kind that is constructed in Serbia). Some details on implementation and initial results are also presented.

254. Efficient Aggregation of Time Series Data

ICIST 2017 Proceedings Part I, 102-107
Manojlović Igor, Erdeljan Aleksandar
Abstract: Modern supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems collect large number of measurements, inherently time series data, from various sensors in critical infrastructures such as transmission and distribution of electrical power, water and gas. Analysis of such number of measurements individually, even with modern utility management systems (UMS) on top of SCADA, is rarely feasible, especially in real-time smart and sensing systems that are continuously acquiring sensor readings. One approach to overcome this problem is to extract important characteristics of such data using business intelligence solution that is capable of performing temporal aggregation and providing access to a significantly smaller amount of aggregated data that can then be analyzed instead of raw data. Developing a technique for efficient temporal aggregation of such large data sets, thus, becomes an essential but non-trivial task. This paper proposes one such algorithm that can efficiently compute and retrieve temporal aggregates for large volumes of time series data, continuously, as such data arrives. The algorithm’s efficiency was proven both theoretically and experimentally. Complexity analysis showed that the algorithm achieves logarithmic update processing time cost, logarithmic query time cost and linear storage space consumption. Moreover, performance results from experimental studies show strong indication that the algorithm could be applied in practice for aggregating time series data on a large scale in real-time.

255. Simulation model of suburban passenger trains service on upgraded railway line

ICIST 2017 Proceedings Part II, 430-434
Jeremić Dušan, Milosavljević Milan, Milinković Sanjin, Vujović Dušan
Abstract: Belgrade suburban rail service - BG voz, which is now in service from Batajnica to Pančevački most, is planned to extend from Pančevački most to Ovča in new timetable. At the same time line from Pančevački most to Ovča was upgraded from single to double track. Stations are also upgraded to accommodate increased number of trains. In this paper, simulation model, created in OpenTrack simulation tool, was used to compare earlier single track line with new double track when BG voz is extended to Ovča. Conclusions generated from this analysis could be used in strategic planning to measure effects of double track upgrade, train delays and unscheduled stops caused by train conflicts

256. Influence of DTX Function on the Base Station Power Decrease in GSM Systems

ICIST 2017 Proceedings Part I, 246-250
Lebl Aleksandar, Matić Rade, Mileusnić Mladen, Mitić Dragan, Markov Žarko, Tomić Željka
Abstract: In this paper the influence of discontinuous transmission (DTX) on the mean emission power of base station in GSM system is analyzed. Calculated results are obtained by implementing Erlang formulas for Markov modelled systems. These results are compared to the results obtained by simulation. Specific characteristics of signal transmission in GSM systems must be considered when influence of DTX on base station power is estimated. It is proved that considering only DTX without considering characteristics of signal transmission on different frequency carriers leads to underestimated values of base station power.

257. Computerized Radial Artery Pulse Signal Classification for Lung Cancer Detection

ICIST 2017 Proceedings Part I, 275-278
Zhang Zhichao, Zhuang Xujie, Zhang Yuan, Kos Anton
Abstract: Pulse diagnosis, the main diagnosis method in traditional Chinese medicine, is a non-invasive and a convenient way to check the health status. However, it takes many years to master the pulse diagnosis and currently, the effective features of lung cancer patients’ radial artery signal are not found in clinical medicine. In our work, we analyze the characteristics of the single periods of pulse signal and extracted twelve features that are used to classify the pulse signals of healthy individuals and lung cancer patients using different classifiers. The results achieved by the proposed features are found to be up to 90.63% accurate.

258. Design of Reconfigurable Memory for Fast Network Packet Header Parsing

ICIST 2017 Proceedings Part II, 447-452
Efnusheva Danijela, Cholakoska Ana, Tentov Aristotel
Abstract: This paper investigates the use of reconfigurable memory for fast network packet processing. It is proposed that this is achieved with the addition of logic to the memory that allows direct access to non byte- or word-aligned fields found in various packet header formats. The proposed packet header parsing hardware is made flexible by the use of FPGA re-configurability and is capable to provide singlecycle access to different-sized packet header fields, placed in the on-chip memory. The paper elaborates how this solution results with much faster packet processing and significant improvement of the overall network processing throughput.
Abstract: This paper presents the analysis of mobile market’s competition developments in the Republic of Macedonia for period from 2005 to 2015 from the consumer’s perspective. The calculated results, based on the previously developed empirical model, are compared with the outputs from an administered questionnaire, which was distributed to consumers of all existing mobile operators. The researh focuses on the impact of the so called „Network effect“ on switching costs, but also, on switching at all and its relation to the market competition. The analysis locates switching barriers, and points out switching procedures’ weak points. The results impact appropriate regulatory activities.

260. The Influence of Nearby Geographical Objects on the Popularity of Bicycle-Sharing Stations

ICIST 2017 Proceedings Part I, 9-12
Vujanović Angelina, Gojić Gorana, Turović Radovan, Slivka Jelena, Kovačević Aleksandar
Abstract: This paper presents an approach to determining the popularity of bicycle-sharing stations based on the influence of nearby geographical objects. For this purpose, we created new datasets by integrating historical bicycle trip data (made freely available by a bicycle sharing company Capital BikeShare) with a set of diverse public data sources. We have then performed statistical analysis and predictive modeling to test three claims made by Capital BikeShare about their customers: (1) the top trip purposes overall were for personal/non-work trips, (2) large share of members also used the bicycles for their trip to work and (3) Capital BikeShare served as a feeder service to reach transit stops. The results of statistical analysis confirmed all three claims, while predictive modeling provided evidence just for the first and third claim


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