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621. An approach for processing data from NASDAQ stock exchange database

ICIST 2020 Proceedings Vol.2, 256-259
Radojičić Dragana, Kredatus Simeon
Abstract: This research is based on a data set that replicates the entire NASDAQ stock exchange, which is the second-largest stock market (measured by market capitalization of shares traded). Since there is a huge number of stock market events in each trading day which caused the update of the shape of the Limit Order Book, the data produced by the stock market is huge and demanding for processing. In order to do research with a huge data set, we propose a framework for data processing.

622. Assessment of websites

ICIST 2020 Proceedings Vol.2, 260-265
Paroški Milan, Dragutinović Branislava
Abstract: In this paper, on the basis of the criteria from the Guidelines for Web site development, state administration bodies, territorial autonomy bodies and local self-government units, web sites were evaluated and recommendations for their improvement were given. A statistical analysis was made and further recommendations for the survey were outlined.

623. Lexicographical Index Decision Variable in Pulse-Doppler Radar Pulse Burst Waveform Optimization

ICIST 2020 Proceedings Vol.2, 266-270
Jevtić Miloš, Zogović Nikola, Graovac Stevica
Abstract: In pulse-Doppler radar pulse burst waveform optimization problem, the combination of pulse repetition intervals can be substituted with the lexicographical index (LI), thus simplifying the decision space without losing any degree of freedom. This approach relies on an algorithm that generates a combination from its LI. We benchmark such an algorithm, ACM Algorithm 515 (A515), on a modern computer. We estimate that A515 would negligibly slow down the evolutionary algorithm previously used as a solver, thus making a strong case for the LI decision variable approach within the subject problem. INTRODUCTION

624. Application of a Generalized Fuzzy Model in PKI Architecture Determination

ICIST 2020 Proceedings Vol.2, 271-276
Prodanović Radomir, Vulić Ivan, Bogićević Dusan
Abstract: It is difficult to decide what the best PKI architecture is to be applied due to unspecified determination parameters. The PKI architecture content and a comparative analysis of advantages and disadvantages are not sufficient for the appropriate determination of PKI as it is founded on subjective criteria. Subjectivity in interpretation of the PKI quality contributes to non-specificity of input data. The objective of the research is to obtain an efficient working framework for the application of the natural linguistic in determination of PKI architecture by using the fuzzy logic. In order to reduce the subjectivity in determining the appropriate PKI architecture, the authors propose the working framework based on selected parameters and fuzzy logic. For PKI architecture determination purposes, the authors use the value of a global limitation fulfillment for each architecture obtained by the Generalized Prioritized Fuzzy Constraint Satisfaction Problem.


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